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3D Printing Company

Discover the world of 3D printing with Infinity and Beyond! Our services offer unique 3D printed products as well as 3D printing workshops for ages 10-18. Innovate the future with our go-to 3D printing experts!

We have a passion for teaching 3D print!

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What We Do

Welcome to Infinity and Beyond! We are a small, family-owned 3D printing company that specializes in using innovative technologies to bring out the creative potential of our customers. Our team is committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with students in our community and provide them with quality services at affordable prices.

Who We Are

We are a homeschool family that has a passion for technology and robotics. Isaac, our founder, learned how to 3D printing four years ago and hos been printing ever since. He is now up to 6 printers. He has been able to use his CAD design skills and print robot parts for his FTC robotics team this past season. Isaac has been a "FIRST" robotics team member for the past five years.

Isaac’s passion for meeting people and answering questions about 3D printing at the markets and conventions, has led him to teach 3D printing workshops. Yes, he is a young teen that lives at home. But has a great space to teach. 

What We Believe

How We Work

Infinity and Beyond provides professional 3D printing services, and  a comfortable work space in Isaac's newly renovated air-conditioned garage for all workshops. Our workshops provide a fun, yet instructive way to learn the ins and outs of 3D printing, while close attention is given to each attendee, and follow-up help is available after the workshop ends.

At Infinity and Beyond, we believe that 3D printing is an essential tool for all students to have in their technology toolbox. Not only is 3D printing a unique and creative way to express oneself, but it also provides students with a valuable skill set that will be beneficial in many aspects of their future lives. Our goal is to make 3D printing accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience level.  Let Infinity and Beyond help you unlock the potential of 3D printing today.

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